Thursday, November 04, 2010


No time to blog.

No time to blog.

No time to blog.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Went to the launching of at Milk Bar the other day. is basically an online portal to find cars for sale, car dealers specials, sell you own car, or even just for browsing.

Many luxury cars like Ferarri, GTR35, Porshe, Nsx, Benz, BMW, blablabla were there. Sadly I didnt manage to take any pictures of the cars as it was raining heavily. lol. Must be the owner kiam siap right?! (point finger at boyfriend) hahahaha

Of course with good cars, you'll have good chicks. lol

(hahahahahahaha shy yer)

two iPads were walking around the whole night. The crowd were very cooperative in subscribing to carseek mailing list. well, cause its easy. Just log on to!

Sarah was the emcee for the night and thats Adrian, one of carseek shareholder.

The bosses and friends.

Live demo.

thats my baby! :D

My bro and her girlfriend.

Kevin Ta, Sabby and their friends.

There more pictures in my memory cards but sigh too lazy to upload everything lah. lol.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Henessy Artistry 2010

Thats me in my new layout! :D

Anyways, I know Im sucks at uploading pictures. But wait. I got a very good reason! that is because my laptop at home has been trojaned and it will not supports any flash player. Hence, I cant upload pictures into FB la!

So so, since Im hardworking like that, I decided to start blogging again (depends la).

Last week I went to Hennessy Artistry 2010 @ Mines. It was my first Artistry (yeslah, Ive been half a globe away for 5/6 years) so I couldnt compare/ complain much. But many people hated the first band. Yeh me too. lol.

I didnt take many pictures that night with my own camera because I was busy drinking the free flow yo. BUT as I said, Im hardworking cause Im just am... these are the pictures from that night!

Sabrina & Me.

Nessa and Jia.

Jia, dunno, me and kim

Yummmmmmy ass.

Met David Lai there..

Tracy too..

And the taiwanese dancer...with funny hair. And I tot he looked alike Jia's ex. HAHAHAHa


Im still owing many many pictures.. and...

ITS HALLOWEEN THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Found your costumes yet? LETS GO COSTUME HUNTING!